By Gods special grace I have been able to build strong arms in the various fields in the multimedia world with proofs. My friends say I’m one in all and all in one, but I consider myself a learner who loves to think out of the box.. Get


My seven 9 years in this field has build stamina and this guarantee quality results in conceiving, directing, shooting and editing Trailers, TV Adverts, Films, Documentary and home videos etc. Contact us and be sure of quality Videos during your special events. [Portfolio On UTube ]

Graphic Design

From branding, logos, business cards, letterhead, brochure, banners , posters and DVD labels etc, building and hosting attractive web sites. Your company needs a logo/ business card, business profile, posters, banners and invitations etc. Considering the truth that my outstanding portfolio qualifies as one, give me a chance to blow your mind with prolific results and give your company/product the best outfit it deserves.
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Information Technology

Fully equipped for all your computer trouble shooting, computer accessories, Consulting services and Lectures. Contact me now and get over those challenges and move into a new face.

Web Design

In two years time, i have been able to build and host 4 websites and participated in designing graphics for several website, I have knowledge in flash, Java, PHP HTML & CSS.


  1. www.eraspictures.org
  2. www.eagleservices.co.za
  3. www.sollysskillstrainingcenter.org
  4. www.fastdigitaleditors.com
  5. www.oduduwaafricandelicacy.com

Terms and Conditions

For details on how our services are conducted please download our TERMS AND CONDITION document study it and contact us. Thanks looking forward in doing business with you. [DOWNLOAD]


Solomon Mthintso
Managing Director
Solly's Skills Training Center

Our school has experienced a hedge turn out and our image in the society has been greatly improved over the past two years, Erasgraphics ltd rebranded our image, build and hosting a standard website for our company, with the services rendered by Easgraphics ltd we have realize our goals, keep up the good work may God keep inspiring you.

Eagle Services
Eagle Services

Having benefited from extreme passion and devotion in graphic designing, animated visual and web site development services rendered by Erasgraphic ltd, I proudly attest and will recommend Erasgraphic ltd to the public knowing they think out of the box and creativity oriented..

Like My work?

>> I love what I do, I wake up every morning with a desire to be the best I can be and to help humanity improve in every aspect..

Giving your company the best look it deservers is my greatest desire, there is an adage which says the way you dress is the way people will address you, Let’s hear your idea, think it we will do it. Together we can make the world to mind you company.